Food and Catering

Food is an essential part of any events like birthdays, weddings and other occasions. If you search for the best catering service for your upcoming event, The Singh Event Planners is the perfect option for you. We provide quality food and catering service to our clients. We provide the best hospitality to make your guest feel comfortable at the party. You can host a party with a wide spread cuisine, healthy and hygienic in your budget.

Fast Food

Most of people like to taste fast foods these days. Our catering services offer top-rated food service in all cities at a lower cost. We serve a variety of foods. Our cuisine consists of fast foods, south Indian foods, Punjabi, and Chinese & much more.



Kids’ Corner

We offer a kid’s corner for birthday & all other occasions requiring to do so. If you choose us, you might serve delicious and tasty foods to the child guest in your parties.  Some of the dishes served by our catering team are Maggi, pizza, pasta, popcorns, chocolate fountain, veg & non grilled sandwiches, veg & non veg cheese sandwiches, fast food and much more.

The catering team in the Singh Event Planners offers to serve you delicacies from around the world. Indian, Chinese, Mughlai, continental, regional & fast foods are some of the few specialities we serve. A team of expert cooks under supervision ensures that the food served is healthy, hygienic & cooked keeping in mind the laid down rules of catering services.

Bar Counter

In all parties, bar counters designed to encourage conversation on the events. We create bar counters for birthday or wedding parties depending on your need. We set up a bar at the venue with a stunning seating arrangement. Round tables placed on corners that help your guest enjoy the party with drinks.

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