5 Tips to Plan your Dream Wedding During the Covid Pandemic Waves

The pandemic has changed lots of things in the world. Wedding is one of the special events in bride and groom’s life. It combines two families, and people tend to put their minds and heart into the event planning. They try to make the big day into the unforgettable one for all. Wedding is the biggest celebration that powered by tradition and cultures. It consumes a large part of savings, and some people get marriage loans to meet the wedding expenses.

But the covid pandemic has changed the way of the wedding celebration. Pandemic rules made the wedding affordable. If you plan to host the wedding during a covid pandemic, you should keep yourself protected by getting vaccinated. Here are a few Tips to Plan your Dream Wedding during the pandemic period that help you save money and make the event memorable.

1. Limit Guests List

If you plan the event during the covid pandemic, you can limit the guest list. Many states allow organizing the event with hundred guests. Besides, You can prepare two lists and take the call based on the situation. The list of purified guests doesn’t mean you concession on the marriage ceremony scene. It is important to have the loved one as part of the event.

2. Hire an Experienced Event Planner 

Hiring the best Anniversary Party Planner in Chandigarh is the best way to make your wedding planning process easier. The professional has years of experience and skill in event planning. So they help you to plan the event during a pandemic. The expert will reduce the couple’s stress and allow them to enjoy their big day.

They have learned how to work in the pandemic restrictions and have performed an amazing wedding in the last two years. The planner will know what to consider in the vendor contractors. It saves time and money and keeps you away from headaches while planning the celebration.

3. Customize the Décor

Use personalized décor for your wedding that makes it unique to you and your loved one. Dry ices, fog, and other elements add a dreamy feel to the event. Create a long-lasting impression by adding things from the love story, culture, and tradition, and it also reflects your personality. Be sure that the décor is in sync with the bride and groom’s dress and matches the dream wedding vision.

4. Keep Event Local

Planning the wedding can be difficult during the covid pandemic. Selecting the venue in your location reduces the stress. It is vital to pick a safer location for you and your guests. The Wedding Organizer and Event Planner in Chandigarh guide you to choosing the event for your dream wedding.

5. Capture Moments

Hiring a photographer is critical to capture the special moment in the wedding. Check the work quality and experience before hiring the photography service. Choose the outdoor spot to create photos that look dreamy. Pay attention to décor and outfit color palettes to the wedding fun.

You can plan your dream wedding without knocking in your pocket by following these tips.

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